Chainmail Leggin Pair Flate Ring

If you are a true enthusiast of the Middle Ages, you owe it to yourself to add the Medieval Knights Battle Chausses Chain Mail Leggings to your collection. Chainmail was one of the most popular armor types during medieval times, as it offered superior protection. It is characterized by metal rings linked together in a pattered formation. Modeled after the original style, this leg armor is made from 16 gauge zinc plated mild steel and features a 4 in 1 interlocking pattern of butted rings. Offering protection for the entire leg, both front and back, the chausses are intended to hang from a waist belt and thus include a belt loop. They also come with extensions, known as half sabaton, which cover the tops of the feet and can be attached with straps. With authentic design, these mail leggings are great for costumes and re-enactments.



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